Integration`17 Moscow, 6th International Exhibition of Rehabilitation Equipment and 1st Russian Forum on Prosthetics & Orthotics have been a success

From 14th to 16th June 2017 the Forum Pavilion of the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Krasnaya Presnya hosted two most highly anticipated events of this summer: Integration`17 Moscow, 6th International Exhibition of Rehabilitation Equipment, and 1st Russian Forum on Prosthetics & Orthotics.

The exhibition was organised by Messe Düsseldorf Moscow in cooperation with Leipziger Messe International GmbH and with the support of the world’s leading trade fairs: REHACARE (Düsseldorf) and OTWorld
(Leipzig), as well as non-governmental organisations: All-Russian Invalid Society (VOI), All-Russian Society of the Deaf (VOG), All-Russian Society of the Blind (VOS), Preodolenie Rehabilitation Centre, Perspektiva Regional NGO of Disabled People.

Over 130 exhibitors from 9 countries of the world presented their innovations in the field of rehabilitation equipment. The comprehensive business programme comprised over 50 focused events featuring 130 international speakers from 8 countries. Over 2 350 registered visitors attended the Exhibition and the Forum. The event was given coverage by 120 journalists from federal, regional, and specialised mass media.

Integration`17 Moscow, 6th International Exhibition of Rehabilitation Equipment, and 1st Russian Forum on Prosthetics & Orthotics were opened to the solemn strains of the Russian Anthem. Having cut a ceremonial red ribbon, government agents and representatives of non-governmental organisations for the disabled people, as well as Russian and overseas participants of the exposition greeted the visitors.

In 2017 the exhibition was presented in a new format. After rebranding the primary focus was on innovations in the field of rehabilitation equipment. State-of-the-art technologies play an increasing role in creation of rehabilitation equipment. Extra strong, but lightweight composite materials open new opportunities.

For the first time in many years of the exhibition work the Prosthetics & Orthotics thematic area was broadly represented. This had been made possible through the involvement of a new major foreign partner — Leipziger Messe International.

‘The new format of Integration markedly differs from previous events. The exhibition has become faster-moving; there appeared an emotional component, which had been so much lacking before. The organisers have managed to gather in one place both manufacturers and consumers of products, it has become possible to test different brands. The only thing that remains to be done is to more actively capture the attention of the officials responsible for the integration of persons with disabilities into the community, then in my opinion the goal may be considered accomplished. The business programme of the event evoked a warm response from all representatives of the industry and this undoubtedly deserves respect. For Ottobock participation in Integration`17 Moscow has been effective’, stated Oliver Jacobi, Managing Director of Ottobock Group Russia.

Among best known exhibitors of Integration`17 Moscow 6th International Exhibition of Rehabilitation Equipment were such companies as OTTO BOCK, Vertical, Istok Audia Trading, Mega-Optim, NPIP MIR TITANA, PKB SOLO, PTP TECHNIKOM-PLUS, Eco Mobility, ENDOLITE CENTRE, OPPO Medical, Rodin4D, Metiz, Orto-Kosmos, STREIFENENDER, Allard, Ossic, Wagner, ADELI Medical Centre, COLLEGE PARK INDUSTRIES, and many more.

Leading Russian and foreign producers demonstrated the latest barrier-free environment creation technologies, effective methods of adaptation to society and innovative solutions for people with disabilities.

Thus, Krust, a Russian producer of assistive devices, surprised visitors of the exhibition and the forum with a composite alerting and orientation system, Dostupny Gorod (An Accessible City), as well as audio description equipment. Besides, the company introduced a comprehensive urban and transport infrastructure as part of the Accessible Environment government programme. Tiflocentre Vertical presented their new products: TifloPol, Konstruktor ramp, and interactive tactile and audio stands for children. Orto-Kosmos’s booth evoked a positive response from the visitors. Finished upper- and lower-extremity prostheses made by Orto-Kosmos Research and Production Company were presented by the company patients. Visitors of the exhibition and the forum could not only assess the appearance of the prostheses, but also ask for users’ opinions. Representatives of Adeli Centre, Slovakia, familiarised visitors with one of the most used in the Centre assistive devices, the Adeli suit. Set exercises were shown and the suit operating principle was explained to the visitors. Moreover, one could get free consultations on unassisted exercises and try the suit on, feeling the exoskeleton effect.

The business programme of the first day of the exhibition and the forum, 14th June 2017, focussed on the accessible environment issue for people with disabilities. The exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition note the professional level of event preparation. ‘For us participation in the Integration International Exhibition is a good tradition that we plan to maintain and develop. This year we were awfully impressed with the actual event format. The comprehensive business programme was prepared at a quite professional level. It was interesting and useful to be at the exhibition on all three days. We managed to talk with our existing clients and to get acquainted with representatives of companies and non-governmental organisations that we had never worked with before’, stated Natalia Rudenchik, Marketing Director of Mega-Optim.

The theme of the second day of the exhibition and the forum, 15th June 2017, was ‘The Orthotist Day’. As part of Integration representatives of Ottobock taught a prosthesis gait training master class. Guests could join the participants of the master class conducted by Elena Mezentsova, a rehabilitation physician, in real time mode. Besides, Ottobock experts organised a series of seminars on best practices in prosthetics and rehabilitation, introduced visitors of Integration`17 Moscow to the updated Fitness for Amputees mobile application. The exercises in this application are the basis for post-prosthetic training.

As part of Integration`17 Moscow and 1st Russian Forum on Prosthetics & Orthotics there was held the first competition of cybathletes, i.e. people using assistive devices in four disciplines: hip, shin, forearm prostheses, and electric wheelchairs. Cybathletes from Archangel, Kaliningrad, Kemerovo, Krasnodar, Moscow, St Petersburg, and Chelyabinsk took part in the event.

The tracks prepared for the contestants were made up of elements imitating the obstacles that the disabled have to overcome in everyday life: stairs, ramps, doorways, and kerbs, as well as household activities: screwing a light bulb, carrying different objects on trays, street football, and a lot more. The time spent and the accuracy of passing the track elements were taken into account to determine the winners.

The event was hosted by the recently set up Cybatletics Union. Andrei Davidyuk, the Chairman of the Board of the Cybatletics Union, noted that on the one hand cybathletics competitions allow for demonstrating prostheses manufacturers’ capabilities, reveal their weaknesses and strengths, and on the other hand prove that what once seemed unachievable for the disabled now becomes a reality.

The All-Russian Prosthetics Industry Contest supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Russian Federation aroused a keen interest and commotion among the visitors of Integration`17 Moscow. 11 representatives took part in the final round of the contest. One had to make a prosthetic socket by deep drawing. The contest referees were experts from the Moscow Prosthetic and Orthopedic Company of the Ministry of Labour of Russia, Ottobock, and the German Buffa School.

For the first time ever Integration`17 Moscow hosted the Image Reloaded Reality Show. The organiser of the event was Step to Perfection Beauty School for Special Persons. Image Reloaded is an exciting adventure, wherein ladies have to completely entrust themselves to professional hands and see themselves with a new look. Makeup and hair were done by makeup artists under the guidance of Polina Nikolaevskaya, Leading Teacher of the Persona Stylist School, founder of own POLLYART PROJECT school. Those fair ladies’ looks were complemented with feminine and comfortable designer dresses from Tatyana Malchikova.

The third day of the exhibition and the forum, 16th June2017 was dedicated to rehabilitology. The comprehensive business programme drew visitors’ attention to the most pressing matters of the industry.

As part of Integration there were traditionally held creative master classes, and presented manageable tabletop games. Nobody could walk past the most engaging and touching participants of the exposition — guide dogs. Para-karate exhibition performance, stand-up entertainers, and Darya Kuznetsova’s Inspired by Dreams all-Russian social photo project proved to be a great success among the public.

The unique format of Integration did not leave anyone indifferent and helped every guest find his/her own source of inspiration. ‘It is my first time visiting Integration. For me it is very important to have a closer look at technological novelties, appliances, and services that can make the lives of people with disabilities easier. I sincerely hope that in the nearest future I will be able to implement all plans in Moscow State University’s Botanic Garden, the Apothecary Garden, and make it maximally comfortable, convenient, and nice for people with disabilities’, said Alexey Reteyum, Director of Moscow State University’s Botanic Garden, the Apothecary Garden, guest of Integration`17 Moscow.

The exhibitors and visitors note the incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere that was beneficial to the productive work throughout all three days of the exhibition. We will be genuinely happy to see you at Integration`18 Moscow, 7th International Exhibition of Rehabilitation Equipment.





Integration`17 Moscow

Exhibitors and Visitors’ Comments

Alexey Cherepnov
General Director

‘For us Integration means meetings with our existing clients and ultimate consumers, visually impaired people. At the exhibition we do not just show the heights we have reached, but also collect customer feedback, conduct monitoring, surveys and talks. We make every effort to upgrade our new developments in future. This year we presented a new product line, namely, children’s interactive tactile and audio stands, a novelty in the Russian market.

I think that for us participation in the exhibition was most successful, since we managed to meet new clients and gain the support of existing clients and partners for future company projects.

We plan to take part in the exhibition next year as well. Thanks to the organisers of the exhibition for the invitation’.


Aleksandr Vanin
General Director

‘For our company participation in Integration is a good tradition. Over the course of three working days one can meet all partners, colleagues, contacts, and learn competitors' news in one place. In my opinion, Integration is a good tradition that should be developed and maintained’.

Pavel Chernyak
General Director

‘It is the first time that Schumann Russland in cooperation with Vertebra Cure European health centre take part in Integration International Exhibition with an exhibition stand. We decided to do a presentation of the new unique equipment made by German Schumann 3D systems. By the way, this was a spontaneous decision. We accidentally saw the news in mass media, made a call to the exhibition organising committee, and three weeks later our company had a new status — that of the exhibitor. The main goal of our participation was to monitor the rehabilitation technology market, talk to consumers and competitors, ascertain to whom our Schumann 3D systems products may be useful and indispensable. In my opinion, the company’s participation was effective. We have managed to work with people with supporting motor system problems. Kirill Zakirov, an osteopath of Vertebra Cure European health centre has demonstrated a new operation system on Schumann 3D regulatory bed that will be useful in the nearest future for recovery and health restoration in the field of orthopaedics and rehabilitation. Next year we will definitely participate in Integration’.

Kirill Sharin
Marketing Director

‘Krust is a regular exhibitor at Integration International Exhibition. This year our company’s participation in the exhibition was very effective and successful. After rebranding, Integration became even more colourful and interesting. I liked a lot how major companies were presented this year. It should be noted that there were a lot more visitors, and this is good news. The extensive business programme and creative master classes leave only good and positive emotions. To my mind, Integration is the top rehabilitation equipment exhibition of this year. Next year we will definitely take part in Integration with our own stand.


Nikita Levichev
Photographer, public figure,
group 1 disability,
regular visitor of Integration:

‘Integration`17 Moscow, 6th International Exhibition of Rehabilitation Equipment, and 1st Russian Forum on Prosthetics & Orthotics lasted 3 days. The programme was very extensive and diverse. Each day was dedicated to something; the focus was on innovative solutions in rehabilitation equipment.

I was very impressed with the great progress that technologies had made. If you suddenly lose a limb, it can be easily replaced with a prosthetic one. Initially I got terrified when ordinary lads and beautiful girls just took off a leg or an arm. The cybathletics competition showed how hard it is to use prostheses — this was going on tracks and carrying out domestic tasks against the clock. I would call this ‘humans turned into robots’. State-of-the-art assistive devices return lost functions, change the attitude of disabled people towards themselves and the attitude of society to the disabled as to equals.

Perhaps, the closing day of the exhibition was particularly good for me! Ottobock organised for all comers an obstacle course racing competition using wheelchairs, but prior to starting one had to do some mental work and answer a few questions on the history of the company, their products, technologies, etc.

I got a practical question! I was given a few pillows and I had to identify their type by touch. The second question was how a wheelchair may be driven (without hands).

I coped with all tasks and covered the distance. And to my own surprise I came in first and got the brand prizes!!!

I was impressed with Maxim (if I am not mistaken). The chap has undeveloped lower and upper limbs, but he is so quick on a skateboard, he is also a swimmer and even outplays healthy boys. I just wanted to wholeheartedly shake his hands!

A special thanks to the Messe Düsseldorf Moscow team for the invitation. YOU ARE GREAT PROFESSIONALS!!! Thanks a lot for this special occasion!’


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