At the 6th International Exhibition of rehabilitation equipment,  Integration ‘17, Istok Audio Group of Companies, the leader in such equipment for Russian markets, demonstrates a broad range of products that do not only assist rehabilitation in everyday activities, but also enhance accessibility of buildings and transport facilities. 
Istok Audio manufactures over 50 models of analog and digital hearing aids, and our recently developed products can successfully compete with international brands. The first Russian 16-channel programmable haring device with automated analysis of hearing environments, Bagira PRO, is based on a block-floating matrix and can correct all possible degrees of hearing loss. Its high flexibility is due to the option of using 1 to 16 channels for sound processing
Lira hearing aids provide comfort and intuitive, easy-to-use experience. They employ  most modern technologies that ensure accurate rendering of the whole range of sounds, to meet all clients’ requirements.

Another development from our Company’s engineers, the Morse Communicator, is a compact device for messaging between deaf-blind persons and also with their hearing interlocutors. A deaf-blind client inputs messages in the Morse code, pressing buttons on the Communicator. The message is then sent via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet PC. To reply, the recipient  inputs his/her message text on the keyboard, and the message translated into Morse will then be transferred to the deaf-blind recipient’s Communicator.
Pulsar 3 Alerting System manufactured by Istok Audio Group is an essential component in accessible environments, as well as in comfort and safety of challenged personnel members. The system consists of a button and a receiver. The button will transfer signal to the receiver, and the call will be shown as vibration or light and sound indication. The display of the receiver will show the signal source. Such buttons should be installed in all areas of the building and in the adjacent areas which people with disabilities are likely to use.

Another innovative product developed  by Istok Audio Group manufacturers is equipment for wheelchair clients with mobility dysfunctions, or with genetic disorders. This equipment is based on Eyetracking technology (Tobii Dynavox, Sweden), a digital system registering the direction of the user’s eyes to the computer display and enabling the user to control the computer with the eyes. Eyetracking enables persons with disabilities to communicate, study and work.

Other interesting offers include unique educational toys and toy sets for   children with special developmental needs, including hearing impaired kids, children with sight loss, with locomotory system impairments, ICP, and autism. The manufacturing company has specialized in such educational and developmental systems for over 35 years, and they can be used by educators in a child’s home or in a classroom. These products are developed by leading U.S. engineers for rehabilitation.

Istok Audio Group offers hearing impaired learners special devices enhancing distinctness of instructors’ speech and of other audial information. Specialized acoustic systems are intended for conference and performance events attended jointly by audiences with normal hearing and those with hearing loss. They also serve as auxiliary components in FM-systems and radio classes, providing better hearing conditions for all student groups.

The Protez Studio Laboratory of Istok Audio Group offers an innovative technology of rehabilitation for patients with facial defects and with finger injuries (partial amputation):  external prostheses made of modern silicone materials, highly durable and resistant to contamination and to temperature change. Such a prosthesis can be mounted with glue, onto a spectacle frame (eye socket, nose prosthesis), screw-retained in bone tissue, or with vacuum-based retention (finger prostheses). Custom-designed aesthetic external prostheses will completely conceal all defects and help the user to return to a normal mode of living.


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