Guided Tour for People with Disabilities Through the Botanical Garden of the Moscow State University Aptekarsky Ogorod

On April 27th, 2017 a guided tour for disabled people took place in the Botanical Garden of the Moscow State University ”Aptekarsky Ogorod” (Eng. – the apothecaries' garden), organized by Messe Düsseldorf Moscow supported by Ottobock. Representatives of All-Russia Association of the Disabled, All-Russia Association of the Blind & All-Russia Association of the Hearing Impaired, RZ Preodoleniye, ROOI Perspektiva, Zhisn bez granits, Parakarate Federation, Performance Group “Angely nadezhdy” (Eng. – Angels of Hope), Russian Disabled Support Foundation “Edinaya Strana” (Eng. – United Country), NP “Otkryty Mir” (Eng. – Open World), ZAO of the Ramenki district, Russian State Social University took part in the event. 
Over 200 participants of the guided tour learned more about this unique green oasis in the Moscow City Center. Alexey Reteyum, Director of the Botanical Garden of the Moscow State University – “Aptekarsky Ogorod”, told everyone the history of beautiful plants and the secret of the future garden projects.

"During the last few decades we have been working on creating accessible environment in the “Aptekarsky Ogorod” for disabled people. In fact, everyone of us has his own certain disabilities, therefore we are all equal. Nearly all garden expositions, with the exception of our collection of cactuses and other succulents, are accessible for people with disabilities. We very much hope to find sponsors to be able to equip an elevator which will allow disabled visitors to see our unique collection of succulents at the Botanical Garden of the Moscow State University “Aptekarsky Ogorod”, commented Alexey Reteyum, Director of the Botanical Garden.

Despite the grim weather, the visitors had an opportunity to admire the fields of first blooming flowers but also a gerbera exhibition that took place in the collection orangery. These beautiful flowers named by the way after one of the park's directors – Traugott Gerber – strike us with their diversity of colors and species. Wonderful plants from all over the world as well as the esthetic content of the garden did not leave any of the guests indifferent.
After the event, a press-conference was held, where the representatives of Messe Düsseldorf Moscow Ltd. briefed the guests on the upcoming “Integration'17 Moscow” Trade Fair. The trade fair will be held from June 14th to 16th, 2017 at the Expocenter Fairgrounds on ”Krasnaya Presnya”.

Michail Shatov, Integration Project Director, noted that over 100 exhibitors from 9 countries have submitted applications for their trade fair participation. An additional bonus this year will be a busy business program at the trade fair:  48 events, 113 speakers from 7 countries. This year's Integration is focused on innovative developments in the area of rehabilitation equipment. 

Thus, within the frameworks of the trade fair first competitions for people with cyber-prostheses will be held. For the first time in Russian history athletes with disabilities who use “smart” rehabilitation aids, will compete in dexterity of prostheses and electric wheelchair controlling as well as in speed and maneuvering. The developers of this technology will demonstrate its possibilities within a new social project – Cyberathletics – that will take place on June 15th at the “Integration'17 Moscow” trade fair. 
The 1st Russian Forum on Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Technology, which will take place from June 14th to 16th, 2017 in the context of the Integration Trade Fair, caused a positive response from all representatives of the industry. Leipziger Messe International (LMI) developed a new format of an event dedicated to orthopedic technology for the Russian market. LMI managed to bring together representatives from the entire market, both producers and consumers to develop a concept for the Russian Forum on Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Technology (RFORT, Forum).
The Forum will be held supported by the Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Security, which will organize a plenary session for all industry representatives as well as an All-Russian industrial competition of prosthetics technicians. 
Messe Düsseldorf Moscow Ltd. organizes collective booths at trade fairs as part of the “Integration'17 Moscow” promotion campaign. Notable examples are such projects as “Integration. Salon Novokuznetsk” and “Integration. Salon Kazan” that take place in the regions of the RF. The annual “Fitness Day” for people with disabilities together with the team participation in the global charity run - Wings for Life World Run – have become a good tradition that the company plans to maintain and develop. 
“We try to make the trade fair most interesting and useful for our society. Visit us, bring your families and friends. Dive into the hospitable atmosphere of the Integration trade fair”, said Michail Shatov, Integration Project Director. 

   Integration. Life. Society., the project of Messe Düsseldorf Moscow Ltd., is the leading international exhibition for rehabilitation equipment and technology that has been held in Russia since 2011.
 In 2016 the trade fair changed its name to “Integration”. Since 2017 it will be held in partnership with Leipziger Messe International GmbH, supported by the world’s leading international trade fairs REHACARE (Düsseldorf) and OTWorld (Leipzig).
The project's main goal is to improve quality of life for people with disabilities and health issues, to develop tolerance within the society, and to create an international platform for demonstration of social integration solutions for the disabled. 

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